When it comes to quenching your thirst, Charlie’s Kitchen has the best selection of draft, bottled & canned beers and lagers!

We also have rotating lines of draft beers so make sure to ask your server the next time you are in for a visit what the rotating draft beers are!

We all love a good beer and good food but do you really know what food to pair your beer with?  We’ve decided to give you a little “beerology” and tell you in a three part blog about the beers we serve and what foods pair best with them!

It’s all about our draft beers today! draft beer

Blue Moon – Offering year round, seasonal and specialty beers, Blue Moon hit the market in 1995 and has been a popular beer choice among our customers.  The creator of Blue Moon, Keith Villa, studied brewing in Belgium and wanted to craft a beer that was similar to the Belgian wits he loved while in Belgium.  Blue Moon is best paired with grilled chicken, steak, burgers, and ribs.

Brooklyn Lager – A popular lager made in Brooklyn, NY.  It’s amber-gold in color with a firm malt center.  It has a bit of bitterness but very refreshing! Brooklyn Lager.   You can pair this with most anything including, pizza, burgers, steaks, chicken, bbq and salads.

Chimay – A delightful tap beer brewed in Belgium. This beer is served at just the right temperature and pairs well with cheese burgers.  Actually any dish with cheese is fantastic paired with this beer!

Guinness Draught– A real creamy and rich black beer that is both sweet and bitter. This beer pairs well with salmon, beef stew, shepherd’s pie, oysters on the half shell and ribs.

Harpoon IPA – This is a New England classic and began as a seasonal beer in the summer.  People loved it so much that Harpoon made the IPA a year round beer!  This beer has great caramel color with a depth of body and a nice hoppy finish! This beer is paired well with spicy and salty fried foods!

Hoegaarden – This beer has some history! Discovered by Hoegaarden monks as a palate’ change to their every sacramental wine. This beer was first crafted in 1445.  There are a few different types of Hoegaarden but the most popular is the Hoegaarden White.  It has the fresh aroma of orange peel, coriander and herbs. It’s a light yellow in color with a soft foamy, cloudy finish.   This beer perfectly complements salads and seafood dishes.

Sam Adams Boston Lager – This is a full bodied brew with a robust and rich taste! It’s a deep amber to golden color and pairs well with burgers, seafood and pasta dishes.

Sam Adams Seasonal – There are a variety of seasonal beers such as Cold Snap, Summer Ale, October Fest, Winter Lager, Crystal Pale Ale, Porch Rocker, Pumpkin Batch and White Christmas.  As you can see, the beers are brewed to capture the flavor of the different seasons.  These beers pair well with all pub foods and seafood dishes.

Sierra Nevada – With a wide variety of beers to choose from, Sierra Nevada’s most popular beer is the Pale Ale.  With grapefruit and piney aromas, it’s a refreshingly bold and a favorite among beer drinkers.  This is best paired with chicken, pork and burgers.

Stella Artois – Originated in Belgium, this light yellow colored beer with an aroma of grassy hops. It’s a little bitter but there is a lingering sweetness to it.  Pairs well with light salads, fish and seafood, lighter dishes and cheeses.

So next time you’re visiting us, enjoy our draft beers!