Charlie's Kitchen, 10 Eliot Street, Cambridge Square, MassachusettsIn our second part of our Beerology blog, we are going to discuss the great assortment of  lagers we have here at Charlie’s Kitchen and what foods to pair them with!

American Lager

Mich Ultra – This amber color, full flavor lager that pairs great with Brie cheese, Golden Trout,  Fish Tacos and of course Burgers!

Rolling Rock – A full-flavored lager with medium color and body. This lager pairs great with grilled chicken, pork tenderloin and pepper jack cheese!

Ballantine – A lively pale ale that pairs well with citrus grilled chicken, salmon and cheese!

Narragansett – Crisp & refreshing, you want to pair this beer with seafood, chicken & beef!

50 Back – A smooth, light lager that pairs great with nachos, calamari and any other types of seafood or fish.

Euro Lager

Grolsch –  A medium body lager that can taste a bit grainy. This beer pairs well with bold, spicy foods.

Heineken – This brilliant golden hued lager is perfect with shellfish, burgers, bbq and even pizza!

Fosters – A bright golden color that is very malty in flavor.  This lager pairs best with pizza, ribs and spicy foods.

Victory Prima – A dry lager with a frothy head goes best with seafood and burgers!

Samuel Smith Organic– A pink colored lager with an earthy taste goes well with steaks and seafood.

Light Lager

Amstel Light – This very light, lower carb lager goes best with bar food!

Sam Adams Light – A crisp, smooth roasted malt finish with no lingering bitterness pairs well with shrimp, soups and steak.

Dark Lager

Negra Modelo – Surprisingly being a dark lager, this is not bitter. It goes great with lamb, steak and fish.

German Lager

DAB Dortmunder –  With it’s biscuit/malt taste, this goes well with all types of bar food.

Schlenterio Rauchbeir (Smoked) – A shockingly good lager with tastes of bacon and beechwood.   Pairs well with lamb, steak and  fish.

Jamaican Lager

Red Stripe  – a pale lager with hints of fruit and slight malt.  Goes best with spicy foods, chicken wings and burgers


Magners – An Irish cider with hints of apple and honey. This cider goes great with cheese, grilled foods and spicy foods!

Original Sin – A hard cider that pairs well with fried and spicy foods.


Paulaner – A German wheat beer that pairs well with all meats, sausages and ham!

Schneider – A nice amber colored beer with hints of  clove and banana. Pairs great with salads, fish and burgers!

Sierra Nevada – The second best selling craft beer in the U.S., this beer that pairs well with soups, ribs and salads.

Summer Shandy – This light tasting beer with hints of  lemonade make it a great beer to drink in the summer.  It pairs well with all summer foods from burgers to salads!

Lambic Ale

Lindemans (Peach or Framboise) – Fruity tasting beer with minimal sweetness and some sour that balances out nicely.  Enjoy this with fish, ribs and burgers.

Gluten Free

Red Bridge – A rich and hearty full bodied lager with a sweet toasted grain flavor.  Pair this with pizza, bar foods and burgers!

Daura – A light, golden colored gluten free beer that has some bitter after taste.  This will pair great with Asian foods, fish and salads.


Pretty Things Jack D’Or – A pale ale brewed in Belgium and most commonly consumed in the summer months.  With a slight taste of orange zest and ginger, this pairs well with fish, steaks and ribs.

So what are you all waiting for?  On your next visit to Charlie’s Kitchen, give one of the many lagers we have a try!  You might be surprised on how much you like it!