History of the Burger!

Charlie's Kitchen Restaurant 10 Eliot Street Cambridge MaWhere did burgers originate? The first misconception is that the hamburger was created in Hamburg, Germany.  The inspiration came from Hamburg as the German’s “hamburg steak” was made from chopped, seasoned beef molded into patties.  In actuality, the burger may have been created as early as the 4th century by the Romans.  The Romans served a baked patty consisting of beef mixed with pine kernels, black & green peppercorns and white wine!  We may not know where the burger originated but we can all agree that a burger is quite simply a delicious treat day or night!

The hamburger sandwich concept came later during the mid 19th century in the U.S.  The idea was to combine two slices of bread with beef in the middle and sell it as a “hamburger sandwich”.  Many Germans that immigrated to the U.S. opened restaurants in Chicago and New York in the 19th century and made a good living at it.  These restaurants often featured an Americanized version of the Hamburg steak, which was beef chopped and mixed with onions, pepper, salt and garlic, then grilled or fried and served on bread!  This is where the Hamburg, Germany’s link to America’s hamburger ends.  The difference is the bread and rolls!

In 1921 the first fast food hamburger restaurant opened.  Many had concerns over food safety and sanitary practices of the food industry. To alleviate the consumers fears, the restaurants were designed with stainless steel counters for easy clean up and the meat was ground in front of the customers, to ensure quality.  As time went on, the roadside diners started opening up and serving the hamburgers with soda pop, milk shakes and French fries!

Today’s Americanized hamburgers can be found all over the world in fast food establishments, casual and fine dining restaurants, roadside stands and in diners.


We all love a good burger and we think our burgers at Charlie’s Kitchen are absolutely the best around!


We aren’t called the Double Cheeseburger King for nothing! Come on in and enjoy one of our burgers today in our ground floor 50’s style diner, our upstairs lounge or when the weather is delightful, eat on our sidewalk patio or in our lovely beer garden!

Charlie’s Double Cheeseburger – Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle & French Fries

Charlie’s Triple Cheeseburger – On a bulkie roll with lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheese and French fries

Hawaiian Double Cheeseburger – Our famous double cheese with grilled pineapple, homemade ginger dressing, lettuce, tomato, pickles and French fries

Double Mushroom & Swiss Cheeseburger – Our famous (Swiss) cheese with mushrooms and onion, lettuece, tomato, pickle and waffle fries

Charlie’s Double Lobster Roll Special – Served with French fries

Charlie’s Buffalo Cheeseburger – Mushrooms, sauteed’ onions & French fries

Double Guacamole Cheeseburger – Double cheeseburger made with Guiness. Served with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and beer battered steak fries.

Chef’s favorite – 40z Angus Beef Cheeseburger on a grilled bun, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and French fries.

Double Bacon Blue Cheeseburger – Blue cheese, bacon & French fries

Double Jalepeno’ Cheeseburger – Sauteed’ jalapenos with waffle fries