Buffalo wings, those delicious, spicy meaty chicken wings that can come with all different sauces with the option of being fried or baked are one of America’s favorite snack foods.  A good bar & food establishment isn’t complete without a menu that offers Buffalo Wings with or without all different sauces.

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Where did the name Buffalo Wings come from?  Well it is believed that the first plate of wings was served in Buffalo, NY at a place called the Anchor Bar.  It has been told that a woman named Teressa Bellissimo served the wings with her own special sauce, blue cheese and celery because that’s all she had available.  Buffalo now celebrates Chicken Wing Day on July 29th every year!  Pretty cool if you’re a buffalo wing fan as you don’t want to miss it!

For many years, wings were only served in New York. By the mid-1980’s Buffalo wings had spread across the country.  There’s even a Wing Bowl in Philadelphia that draws crowds of over 20,000!

This festival is great fun and in just two days of the festival, it’s estimated that the attendees eat over 27 tons of Buffalo Wings!  Now that’s a lot of wings!

The first winner of the Wing Bowl at an amazing 444 wings in 26 minutes! Now that’s Buffalo Wing eating to the max!

Some Buffalo Wing Facts:

  1. Buffalo Wings started becoming popular after the Buffalo Bills appeared in four consecutive Super Bowls.
  2. The main ingredient used in the first pound of buffalo wings ever created was Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.
  3. The average amount of wings an adult consumes in one sitting is about 12 wings.
  4. Ranch dressing seems to be the more popular dressing to dip Buffalo Wings into.

Here at Charlie’s Kitchen we offer Buffalo Wings with or without Buffalo sauce. Either way, they are mighty tasty and one order of our Buffalo Wings and you’ll be coming back for more!

Pair your next order of wings with one of the many beers available at Charlie’s Kitchen and presto you have the best appetizer around town!  See you soon!

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