st-patricks-day  Like candy canes to Christmas, a nice chilled Guinness draft and St. Patrick’s Day go hand in hand! If you can’t be in Ireland to celebrate the luck of the Irish, then come on in to Charlie’s Kitchen located at 10 Eliot Street, Cambridge, MA and we would be happy to serve you a delicious, dark Guinness draft with one of our monthly specials or our Hot Pastrami sandwich.

With all of the celebrating done on this glorious, fun filled holiday, it’s easy to forget that the origin of St. Patrick’s Day is the day that St. Patrick died.  St. Patrick was a Roman boy who was enslaved by the Irish.  After escaping Ireland, he returned as an adult and Patrick helped to Christianize Ireland in the fifth century. The legend states that Patrick used a shamrock, with its three petals on one stem to explain the Holy Trinity while converting a pagan Irish King. Regardless of how it all happened, let’s not forget that celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland or the US or anywhere all over the world, the perfect beer to drink is Guinness and it seems that Guinness is the most popular beer in America that is served on St. Patrick’s Day!  If you visit Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, you will find that the Guinness Brewery is the place to be to celebrate this grand holiday!  They have a five-day festival serving beer, food pairings and live entertainment for visitors.  They actually sell over 7 million pints of Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day alone!  Astounding!

The atmosphere in any pub or local bar establishment whether here or in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day, will get you in the mood to wear green, have fun, eat good food, go watch a parade and enjoy a cold Guinness!

Get on out on St. Patrick’s Day this year and celebrate at Charlie’s Kitchen.  If you haven’t tried a Guinness, give it a try, we think you’ll love it!  Over 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed on St. Patrick’s Day all over the world!




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