The Love of Beer Gardens!

Charlie’s Kitchen located at 10 Eliot Street in Cambridge, MA has charming beer garden that should not be overlooked!  Beer gardens are the “new” coffee shops of the world.  So gather your friends and co-workers and come check out Charlie’s Kitchen’s beer garden!  The weather is fantastic and it’s time to be outside and enjoying it!


In recent years, beer gardens have been returning to American cities and usually offer open spaces, table seating and bar seating, food menu and even live music.  They are a fun gathering spot for good conversation and beer!  Beer Gardens including the one at Charlie’s Kitchen can be open year round (weather permitting).   Today’s beer gardens in America are a bit fancier than the German beer gardens in the past.   You will find some with spectacular food and design innovations such as the fire lit tables at Charlie’s Kitchen.

Beer gardens in America first starting appearing in the 19th century and took after the German way of spending afternoons outside while spending time with family and friends and enjoying a brew or two!

Germany’s beer gardens started after brewing was banned during the summer months due to many brewery fires.  Breweries then started digging cellars near riverbanks to keep their beer cold until they needed it in the summer.  This also gave their lagers the perfect conditions to ferment properly.  It didn’t take long for tables and chairs to start showing up near these brewing locations along the rivers.  Thousands of people would gather together to sit outside, listen to music and enjoy the fresh brewed beer.

Tucked away in this eclectic area of Cambridge, the beer garden at Charlie’s Kitchen has something for everyone.  From 18 draught beers, a full menu and the popular fire top tables.  Our fire top tables are awesome and add ambience to the evening hours!

Gather your friends, family and co-workers and come see what the beer garden craze is all about. We think you’re going to really enjoy the beer garden at Charlie’s Kitchen and we look forward to serving you really soon!  Don’t forget to try one of our delicious food items off of our menu while you’re visiting!


Fish & Chips!

Thoughts of Summer, beach, seafood come across our minds as the mild season of summer is approaching!  Who doesn’t love a good ole’ plate of fish & chips?

Fish & Chips here at Charlie’s Kitchen are made with fresh fish and served with cole slaw.  Fish & Chips originated in Britain more particularly both Lancashire and London claim they invented this meal of fried white fish.  Potatoes were introduced to Britain from the new world in the 17th century and once those fried potatoes and fish were put together, there was a brand new and popular dish to be eaten!

Fish & Chips were originally only sold from small family businesses and most often out of locals homes!  The invention of the steam trawler brought fish from all over including Iceland, Greenland and the North Atlantic.  During the second world war, Fish & Chips were one of the only foods not rationed.  This delicious dish was a great source of protein, fiber, vitamins and iron.

The first sit down type restaurant was opened in 1896 in Whitechapel, London.  They served fish, chips, bread butter and tea on tables with white table cloths and fine china.  The factory workers loved sitting and dining like the rich!

By 1927 there were over 35,000 fish & chips establishments in Britain and it still remains a popular menu choice today in both the United States & Britain.

You can enjoy our delicious fish & chips dinner served with coleslaw at Charlie’s Kitchen, 10 Eliot Street, Cambridge, MA 02138! We’d be happy to serve you!  Our hours are Sunday – Wednesday 11am-1am and Thursday – Saturday 11am-2am.

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Charlie's Kitchen Restaurant 10 Eliot Street Cambridge Ma