Good Ole’ Fried Chicken

Have you tried Charlie’s Kitchen’s fried chicken?  If not, it’s time!  It doesn’t get any better than our 3 piece fried chicken meal served with French fries and Cole slaw!  This meal will have you coming back for more!!

Did you know that deep frying meat and fish goes back to the middle ages even Roman times!  Fried chicken is an American favorite that is said to have originated in Scotland where the Scots preferred to fry their chicken rather than boil it like the Irish and English.  The fried chicken dish was brought to the United States with the Scottish immigrants when they settled down in the south.   The Scottish would pan fry the chicken in oil.  Since chicken was readily available, it was a good source of protein and it was quick and easy to cook.

As time went on and slavery ensued in the south, the slaves being allowed to mostly have just chickens to sustain on, began to fry chicken that was breaded in flour or corn meal and adding various spices and herbs.  The African Americans are the ones who invented the fried chicken we all know and love today!  Fried Chicken is an American favorite!

Next time you’re at Charlie’s Kitchen, give our Fried Chicken meal a try! We think you’ll love it!Charlie's Kitchen Restaurant 10 Eliot Street Cambridge Ma


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